How to create Recent posts on Blog with interesting look

Previously I had trouble creating Recent Post widgets with various HTML code for my blog's look but the codes were mostly somewhat able to be featured on my blog jerking What the problem was I too could not have ensured.

However with this HTML code finally the Recent Post Widget that I wanted finally the bus to appear on my blog, it looks quite simple and probably already a food that featured this Recent Post Widget on various other blogs.

But to make it easier to do so if at any time I need to stay looking for it on this blog and maybe if there is some need hopefully this can be used for reference in creating a Recent Post Widget.

Alright to simplify and shorten it I'm trying to share his HTML and directly applied.

How To Make Recent Post Widget on Blogger

First of all please Copy the HTML below, then open your block click Layout > Create a new Widget and paste its HTML code.

Then save.

And see the result, if you want to change some of the following views there are descriptions of the widget.

Please adjust to your individual wishes, good luck and hopefully it can be useful.

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