How to create an old Blog Redirect URL to a New Blog

Redirect Blog - How do I switch my old blog address to a new blog address? Switching URLS or also called Redirect 301 is a way that is used to redirect a given site's URL to another targeted URL.

This URL redirect is useful for those of you who want to redirect visitors from an old blog that already has traffic from search engines as well as backlinks to your new blog. That way you won't lose your visitors even if you've used a new domain on your site.

This way is not much different from my previous discussion on how to redirect a Blog URL to several other sites, but if you just want to redirect visitors from the old site only then here's how.

What is Redirect 301?

Redirect 301 is a response code that will appear when the site URL address is routed with a new, permanent URL address. Redirect 301 You can use if you want to migrate from an old blog site to a new blog site without loss of traffic and SEO. You can stop this redirect at any time.

How to create an old Blog Redirect URL to a new Blog

1. Please open Blogger, select the Theme menu, then click the Edit HTML button.

2. Next, please copy the below code and put it exactly below the <head> code in your blogger template.
    <script type='text/javascript'>
      var d='<data:blog.url/>';
      d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, '');
      location.href = '';

Please change the blogspot address above by using the new blog address.

Redirect Blog URLS using Meta Tag Refresh

There are many ways to create a redirect URL, one of which is using the refresh Meta tag that serves to instruct the browser to refresh the page towards the already targeted page.
< Meta content = ' 3; url = ' http-equiv = ' Refresh '/>

Notice the META code tag above. In that code, there is a number 3 that serves as a countdown or time lag before refreshing to the new page.

Redirect URL of specific Blog page to another page

If you want to redirect a particular blog page to another page or redirect to another blog, then you can use the code below.
if(window.location.href == '')

Thus the discussion on how to make a Redirect old Blog URL to the new Blog may be useful, if there are things to be asked, please inquire through the comments field below, good luck.

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